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We understand that quality is a customer right, and therefore we seek excellence in our products by using the best raw materials.


We have more than 300,000 organic farming plants of aloe vera, certified by the Canarian Institute of Agrifood Quality.


We work with standard procedures that allow us, this way, to get products with the highest quality standards.


Pure Aloe was born as an innovative project and with a lot of vitality to change the cosmetic world. The idea of its founder, main consumer of aloe vera product, is very clear:

“If it is good for me it is good for other people. It all started looking for cosmetics that were 100% healthy, free from toxic substances for my skin problems, and the magic of creating a high quality organic cosmetics began there, with free formulations of toxic substances and the maximum concentration of one of the best aloe vera in the world.”

It was always a priority for us to focus on the pure aloe vera grown in Fuerteventura, its craft and care process that begins handpicking from ecological plantations in order to extract in cold the pure pulp of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller by keeping all its properties.

In addition, plants grown in the Canary Islands, thanks to its warm and stable climate, its proximity to the sea and its volcanic soil, have many more properties inside. Showing more acemannan that plants grown in other regions of the world. Consequently, Canarian aloe vera is considered the best aloe vera in the world, which we are working with to prove that quality with protected designation of origin.

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From the beginning, Pure Aloe wants to be a leader in innovation and development of facial and body ecological cosmetics, whose formulations allow maximum concentrations of aloe vera highly effective and new textures.

Our department continues giving priority to the quality of our products, the continued search of advanced formulas, the best service and to respond to the demand of our customers. That is why it is a pioneering brand to offer the best and most effective aesthetic treatments for skin care by using the medicinal properties of aloe vera. In addition, knowledge about properties of aloe vera and skin needs creates “added value” to its cosmetics when competing in the market.

From our company we believe that consumer confidence is not only based on our products quality, we also consider environmental protection and sustainability. That is why organic production combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity and conservation of natural resources through automated drip irrigation system. It is a production method using natural procedures and substances, free from pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics. Organic products contribute to the environmental protection.

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