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Organic Argan oil 50 ml

Ecological Argan oil 100% pure for facial, body and hair. The product dinot leave skin greasy

- The best natural moisturizer on the market.

- Anti-aging.

- Ideal to treat psoriasis.

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Aceite de Argán ecológico 50 ml


As for its properties, Argan oil is constituted by a high percentage of essential fatty acids (80 percent) and tocopherols (Vitamin E). "Tocopherols are antioxidants. Its high amount in this oil facilitates its natural conservation ". Also, beta-carotenoids, squalene and phytosterols. Likewise, it is rich in gamma-tocopherol.


Our organic argan oil is made by cooperatives of women who collaborate with our company to obtain sustainable argan oil in Morocco.

Hard work begins early in the morning in search of the discarded fruits that fall regularly from the thorny argan trees, which usually fall ripe fruits.

The Berber people have been using Argan oil for centuries, originating in Morocco, as food, cosmetic product and medicine; although during the last decade this product has become an important business in the international cosmetics industry.

Before the goats begin to graze, the women of the cooperative collect the valuable argan nuts, transport the seeds to a refrigerated community building and begin to process them for transformation into oil. They prepare an average of 1 kg of peeled argan seeds every day; To do this, remove the outer layer and break the inner shell.

Next, the seeds are transported to the city of Agadir, where they are crushed to obtain the valuable amber liquid. About 2.3 kg of argan seeds are needed to produce one liter of oil.


- Suitable for all skin types. Argan oil is ideal to eliminate and prevent the signs of skin aging, acts as an anti-aging product, decreasing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles and providing luminosity, flexibility and smoothness to the face.

- It is very suitable for soothing skin irritations, for the delicate skin of the baby, since it relieves redness and irritation, providing softness and smoothness.

- Regenerates the marks produced by acne, chicken pox and scars

- Prevents the appearance of stretch marks, softens the skin of pregnant women. In addition to preventing the formation of stretch marks because it improves the elasticity of the skin.

- Relieves the burning sensation, itching, burning and tightness produced by sunburn.

- Brings extra shine and softness to hair

- Repairs dry and cracked hands.

- It is healing, recommended to help the healing of burns and wounds, as well as for the prevention and reduction of stretch marks

- Strengthens fragile nails

- Argan oil contains high amounts of linoleum acid that helps reduce the inflammation caused by acne.

- Body moisturizer

- The argan is used to relieve the irritation caused by the rake in men and women and accelerates the process of skin regeneration.

- This fat-free oil is used to condition the ends of your hair without the need for rinsing. It helps control frizz and protects hair.

- Argan oil helps repair split lips and keep them soft, hydrated and conditioned.

- Argan is an efficient remedy to treat nails and cuticles.